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“Note to self: This is your one life and you are not getting out of here alive. So how do you want to experience YOUR life? What do you want to create? Trust me – you have all the resources already within you. You just need to remember how activate them. Craft your own dynamic formula for living that is unique to you and your desires”. ~ Taryn Harris

The Chemistry of Change Workshop – Cape Town

Become calmer, grow self-worth and amp bouncebackability by changing your body’s chemistry!


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An experience to give you the space to invest in yourself and learn how to improve the quality and experience of your life and relationships. How to refuel, re-align and “self-heal” with deserved “ME TIME” that spills over and positively affects all areas of your life.

You will have more to give – to yourself and others!

Yip. A journey to access and activate the yumminess life has to offer!
Sound like something you want? Great!

But don’t take my word for it… see below what my clients have to say!

“Attending the Chemistry of Change (Wired2Thrive) workshop was one of the best gifts I could’ve given to myself. I found Taryn to be warm, approachable and profoundly knowledgeable in her field. With her help I have been able to re-discover many gems within myself that have been dormant for a long time. Thanks Taryn for such an invaluable experience!” Widaad

“Her enthusiasm for living life to the full encourages you to step out of your own comfort zone and be brave! She has a unique way of connecting you to the joy of life, moving beyond “normal” day-to-day living and your own insecurities, enabling you to connect with your true self. I am deeply grateful that our paths have crossed.”  Di

“Taryn has really inspired me to connect my mind and body. She allows you to go at your own pace and always makes you feel comfortable enough to try something new. She encourages awareness of your body and emotions, which is so essential in our busy lives.”  Stephanie

“I am now able to ‘bounce back’ more quickly and I own what I feel. Thanks for being my lighthouse!” Tracey

A Wired2Thrive Experience: The Chemistry of Change Workshop

  • Do you set positive intentions and say affirmations only to notice that you lose your “oomph” and struggle to operate from that mindset?
  • Would you like to master how to resource yourself to reduce anxiety, overwhelm, hypertension and better deal with life’s curve balls?
  • Do you want to know more about how we are wired (grounded in biology & based on neuroscience) and how that affects your ability to stay calm, confident and happy?
  • Would you like to learn a mindful practice that take 2 minutes (and can be done anywhere, anytime) to operate from that positive space?
  • Learn how to manage stress, positively affect your emotions & change your biology to support YOU living & loving your life!

Shift from the Red to Green Zone!

  • Explore the triggers of stress, the effect on your health (emotional, physical and mental) and how to grow “healthy thinking”.
  • Turn your kryptonite (inherited biology) into a superpower with neuroplasticity.
  • Understand how you learn, change and “in-body” information by transforming states into traits.
  • Appreciate how our body-mind-emotions are inextricably linked and how to amplify the good stuff!
  • Deepen your emotional intelligence & discover how to be with, transform and heal “negative” emotions.
  • Use the body to shift, evolve, un-numb and change your experience of life for the better!

Who is this workshop for:

  • Perfectionists, over-extenders & those flirting with burnout
  • If you experience psychosomatic illness or  body symptoms due to chronic stress
  • Mindful practitioners who’d like the science of positive intelligence
  • Coaches,  therapists & light workers wanting to understand how change affects us on a cellular level
  • Empaths, givers & nurturers who want to learn the art of receiving & radical self-care
  • Anyone who shares my passion for living & infatuation with the body’s intelligence

The Wired2Thrive Workshops Experience:

All workshops are designed to show you how to positively impact and change the chemistry of your body, mind and emotions AND grow your own power within. You already have all the resources within you, waiting to be activated!  This results in improved confidence, positive emotions, relationships, engagement and a sense of deeper meaning.

Sessions are a blend of new brain science, mindful techniques, movement, process work (individual & group) with the newest theory, wisdom and evidence on human development to make it relevant to your life.

We look at concepts, have discussions, experiment with the tools and learnings to make it personal, powerful and inspiring for you.  You leave with simple, dynamic and practical tools to wire yourself to thrive – small changes with big impact!

If this resonates, AND if this is the experience you’d love to deepen your relationship to life & living, email admin@tarynharris.com to book your place!

When & Where:

Woodstock: 5 August, Saturday 9 am – 4 pm @ Soul Centre, 388 Albert Road, Woodstock.

Space is limited – Full payment secures spot!


  • Pre-workshop questions to ignite your thinking & get your juices flowing.
  • 1 full day session to take you deeper as you in-body your superpowers with your DNA upgrade.
  • A luscious lunch and refreshments for the day.
  • A toolkit of personalised “snack-size” commitments and practices to apply in your world to revamp and enhance areas of your life and to change your chemistry to support your journey.


Woodstock:    Early bird = R950 (ends 25 July)              Regular = R1100

Space is limited – Full payment secures spot

Taryn Harris is an Internationally Accredited Executive & Leadership Coach, Human Asset Activator, Life Designer, Speaker, Creator of the In-Body Method, Hardwire4Success and Wired2Thrive Programmes. 

An In-Body experience created & facilitated by Taryn Harris (www.tarynharris.com)

Contact Taryn on 082 545 6245 or info@tarynharris.com

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