IN-BODY OPEN (Wired2Thrive)

Become more aware and capable of using your body to shift, evolve and embed new information and behaviours.

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IN-BODY is the method I have developed and Wired2Thrive are the open workshops and programmes  I run.  I use a combination of integrative approaches, mindful techniques and somatic practices, and share simple processes and the science that allows you to become more aware of and capable of using your body to shift, evolve and embed new information and behaviours. I become your thinking partner and equip you with the tools, practices and “thinking” that empowers you to break through your own boundaries into self-liberation.

Who is in-body for?

  •  I  work with those who seek meaning, connection, personal fulfilment and self-knowing.
  • Those who want to integrate and improve overall health and their experience of life – physical, mental and emotional!
  • Leaders at work, in their community and at home who inspire action in themselves and others.
  • Those who are willing to take an active part in shaping their life and experiences, and those open to enjoying the journey.

What can you expect to get out of it?

  • Improved focus and decision-making ability.
  • The power to make more positive choices.
  • Improved confidence and a clearer sense of self.
  • Enhanced awareness.
  • Developed ability to connect with and communicate with others.
  • The capacity to better deal with and counteract stress.
  • Relief from the affects of relationship conflicts.
  • Less anxiety around change and an improved ability to move through change.
  • Access to emotional intelligence.
  • Integration of life and leadership skills.
  • Enhanced ability for innovation and creative problem solving.
  • Increased mind-body connectivity.
  • Better posture and body language.
  • Decrease in the aches and pains associated with (chronic) stress.
  • Enriched sense of being alive.

Upcoming In-body open workshops
I use a variety of simple and effective techniques that show you how to positively affect your mind (mental agility) and emotions (emotional intelligence), and ‘in-body’ new behaviours for more effective living. This is practiced in a fun and engaging way, and leaves you feeling energised and focused.

My “work” is sharing with you how to step into your power, connect to your aliveness and the passion that burns in your belly and show up fully and love living YOUR life.

I want  you to remember and harness what inspires and moves you!

For you to recognise and connect to what adds a sense of yumminess and texture to your life.

To partner with you to assist you with navigating Life’s curve balls!

Find out more about the Wired2Thrive workshops running or contact Taryn Harris for more information.

In-body corporate offerings
The IN-BODY corporate offerings support recognisable and sustainable change and are custom-designed to suit the business objectives and brand. They’re about innovating your people (assets) to innovate your business.  To find out more about the Hardwired4Success programme and Activation sessions, go to IN-BODY corporate offerings or contact Taryn Harris to discuss your requirements.