Hardwire Your Business for Success

Turn Kryptonite into Superpowers: Innovate your people to innovate your business!

Positive Intelligence is a powerful business tool! “In a meta-analysis of 225 academic studies, researchers found that employees with positive intelligence are on average, 31 % more productive; their sales are 37% higher and their creativity is three times higher!

(Forbes, How to increase productivity by employee happiness, Martin Zwilling.)

In a world where “talent has replaced capital as the key competitive differentiator” (Manpowergroup), leading businesses now recognise the vital value of a growth mindset, resilience and positive work cultures as a driver of performance, profits and in staying agile, relevant and able to evolve.

The Harvard Business Review published a study that showed how this translates into measurable ROI and how when people work with a positive mindset, performance on nearly every level improves. “People who cultivate a positive mindset perform better in the face of challenge – every business outcome shows improvement when the brain is positive.” Shawn Anchor (New York Times bestselling author, founder of GoodThink,Inc. and TEDx Speaker).

Result: Evolved assets

This cultivates possibility thinking, positive emotions, engagement and relationships. The result in a sense of positive accomplishment and feeling valued, which affects the cycle of committing to their roles and making the new behavior (AKA: new gene expression & wiring) sticky!  Ensure your employee experience influences and converts opportunities and relationships into revenue and loyalty.  Innovation is a RESULT. Activate your assets DNA to develop the thinking and behaviour required for successful buy-in, solution-generation and the resilience required to “embrace the shake” during disruption and to evolve with change.

Growing & optimising assets:
I am a Human Asset Activator with a skill in growing and optimising assets for improved productivity, motivation and resilience. I prepare ecosystems for the adoption of innovation (i.e. new ideas, skills, processes, methods) to promote uptake and business optimisation with consistent brand alignment.

My specialty is activating individuals to be ready to align with, benefit from and implement innovation and drive the adoption of new skills, behaviour and thinking: I show your human capital how to motivate themselves, their teams and promote buy-in to harness the power of a shared vision. I guide organisations and individuals to activate the DNA required to be confident, resilient and to create self-sustaining behaviour by getting them inspired, energised and focused.

I show participants how to use their  biology to positively affect emotions (develop emotional intelligence), counteract stress, and re-wire the mind (develop mental agility) – supporting recognisable and sustainable change.

How do I do it?

I simplify and unpack the science (neuroplasticity and neurobiology) and psychology of how we are wired, motivated and how we learn successfully, so that the process is easier to understand and engage with.

I develop your assets emotional intelligence and teach them how to positively affect their biochemistry to support and achieve the stated goals, reduce stress and increase access to both the creative and logical hemispheres of the brain. I share simple, yet powerful techniques on how to re-programme current “faulty wiring” for improved performance, confidence and resilience. All tools and practices positively impact chemistry of body, mind and emotions to assist them with moving through resistance (kryptonite) encountered as they develop new behaviour, skills and thinking (superpowers).

I teach leaders the science of inspiration and art of relationship (social intelligence) to motivate themselves, their teams and promote buy-in and harness the power of a shared vision.

I guide participants through a programme to commit to seeing themselves as an extension of the solution and business.

Methodology: The In-Body method

A hybrid of neuroscience, coaching, emotional & social intelligence, interpersonal & intrapersonal skills, positive intelligence, mindful techniques & possibility thinking to manage change & stress (develop emotional fitness & mental agility), diffuse & adopt innovation (i.e. new ideas, skills, processes, methods) develop leadership and build resilience & motivation (self-mastery). Positively impact chemistry of body, mind and emotions to move through resistance (kryptonite) and develop new behaviours, skills and thinking (superpowers) in line with business objectives for sustainable uptake and application. It uses highly effective and easy to apply methods to move your human capital to the next level. It teaches participants how to tap into the science and intelligence of their biology to re-programme neural pathways so that they become more focused, resilient and positive. The IN-BODY offerings focus on emotional fitness, social intelligence,  interpersonal skills, team functioning and leadership development.

Ideal for?

● Client services, sales teams & support staff  ●  Leaders and management  ●  Entire departments  ●  Any business implementing innovation  ●  Change Initiatives

Who I work with?

Leaders and groups in the business, brand, transformation and human capital activation space.  Individuals & organisations who inspire action in themselves and others. Those who are willing to take an active part in shaping their experience and who are open to enjoying the journey.  I have a skill for growing and optimising people for improved confidence, productivity, motivation, adoption and resilience.

In summary, the benefits to your business:

● Drive profits and brand loyalty ● Clearer thinking & Interpersonal skills  ● Alignment with brand & business objectives ● Innovative, productive and loyal talent with positive mindsets ● Create sustainable & accountable way of being ● Optimise confidence, capacity and influence ● Shared vision ● Focused, resilient, motivated staff with stress management tools ● Real-time evidence & relevant measurement ● Improved company culture and buy-in for results

The benefits of Hardwired4Success for participants

  • Improved ability to connect with and lead others.
  • More purposeful, passionate and powerful daily interactions.
  • Improved decision-making ability and more purposeful actions.
  • Sharpened listening skills and communication effectiveness.
  • The ability to deal with and counteract work stress and relationship conflict.
  • Less anxiety around topics of change and transition.
  • Enhanced ability for innovation and creative problem solving.
  • Integration of life and leadership skills.
  • Increased body-mind connectivity.
  • Better posture and body language.
  • Ability for more complex thinking and cultivation of multiple perspectives.
  • More confidence and a clearer sense of focus.

The benefits of in-body for the organisation

  • Improved staff performance.
  • More cohesive teams and improved collaboration.
  • Improved customer care and relationships with clients and suppliers.
  • Better staff understanding and tolerance within change management and innovation space.
  • An understanding of personal choice and accountability.
  • Shared skill set that is practiced and understood by all employees.
  • Inclusive activities that inspire creative thinking and camaraderie.
  • Employees equipped with tools to reduce stress and improve productivity.
  • Improved collective sense of overall well-being and heightened employee morale.
  • Less stress-reduced illness and happier employees who want to be at work.
  • Cost-saving due to reduction in sick days.
  • Enhanced organisational image and reputation.
  • Development of self-expression, personalisation and creativity.

Customised in-body corporate offerings
I customise the  programme according to the requirements of your organisation and what the system requires for successful evolution. From short sessions to get teams energised, aligned and motivated, to longer programmes that support sustainable and recognisable success.

Activation Sessions of 1 to 2 hours each:

  • Inject fun and interaction into your strategy sessions and meetings.
  • Add creativity and energy to brainstorm sessions and think tanks.
  • Get buy-in and increase engagement and uptake for new system, technology, training, vision, strategy etc

Workshops of 4-hour to 8-hour formats:

  • Communicate your values, strategy, vision or mission.
  • Help staff embed information during on-boarding or learning interventions.
  • Learn easy and effective stress-reduction techniques.
  • Improve team functioning.

Sustainable programmes – group and 1-on-1:

  • 6 to 12 individual one-on-one sessions conducted over 3 to 6 months to underpin the uptake of skills and embed new behaviour to achieve objectives.
  • 3 to 6 group coaching sessions to support transformation and adoption of innovation within the organisation, with special focus on healthy “whole-body” thinking, leadership, and cultivating resilience.
  • Hardwire Your Business for Success – 6 month programme with live feedback, support & measurement and consisting of 1 x 6 hour on site session a month to ensure change is sticky and impactful.

Find out how you can innovate your  people and business with me by getting in touch below!

For more information or to discuss the particular requirements for your organisation or for bookings, please contact Taryn Harris.