Positively impact the chemistry of your body, mind and emotions to move through resistance (kryptonite) and develop new behaviours, skills and thinking (superpowers).

What is in-body about?

A blend of neuroscience, coaching, emotional & social intelligence, interpersonal & intrapersonal skills, positive intelligence, mindful techniques & possibility thinking to manage change & stress (develop emotional fitness & mental agility), diffuse & adopt innovation (i.e. new ideas, skills, processes, methods) develop leadership and build resilience & motivation (self-mastery).

Through IN-BODY you become more conscious of your relationships with the other (whether another person, your self, your role or job description, a process or idea, or illness), you become more aware of and able to break free from self-imposed limitations and can more easily adapt to change.

IN-BODY allows new perspectives and possibilities to emerge as you discover and harness your own power to create the life you want.

How does in-body work?
By tapping into the science and intelligence of your body, you can rewire (neuroplasticity) and re-programme your neural pathways (neurobiology) to create recognisable and sustainable change.

  • IN-BODY uses the body to positively affect the mind and counteract stress
    Stress develops in the mind but its effects are also felt on the body. With an integrated body-mind approach – combining the body’s intelligence with cognitive theory – you can learn to use your body to positively affect your mind and emotions, also improving your ability to connect with others and better deal with stress.
  • IN-BODY helps you become more aware of how you think and feel
    Unhealthy thoughts, habits and feelings can make you feel stuck or blocked. By expanding your awareness to include not only how you think but also how you feel and sense, you are able to act from a place of empowerment and embed effective thinking and behaviours.
  • IN-BODY disrupts repetitive patterns in movement and thinking to heighten responsiveness and creativity
    Repetitive movements and thoughts create low energy and inattentiveness. When we move the body and mind in creative and novel ways and use ‘whole-body’ thinking (body, mind and emotions), we enhance responsiveness in the higher cortical areas of the brain as well as the limbic and hypothalamic centres – increasing access to both hemispheres of the brain, the logical left and the creative right.
  • IN-BODY develops more purposeful actions and choices
    The IN-BODY practices integrate several brain functions at the same time, which increases mind-body connectivity. When you are in this state of heightened awareness, you create more purposeful actions and maximise your ability to make positive choices. Once you become more aware of how you feel, think and behave, you can shift your behaviour and thinking and take considered actions for desired results.
  • IN-BODY develops awareness of and improves your interactions
    IN-BODY helps you become more aware of your environment and your interactions in the present moment. Most of our communication is non-verbal and we need the body’s language to be in harmony with the communicated message we send others and ourselves.

Can it work for you?
Yes! This body of work can benefit anyone, whether in your personal capacity or as part of a team. As long as you are willing to take action to move your life in the direction you want it to go.

For more information on upcoming IN-BODY open workshops and programmes or to discuss IN-BODY corporate offerings for your company, please contact Taryn Harris.

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