Happy Clients

I go to bed grateful every night and wake up inspired every morning. I am so humbled to be able to live my passion and do the work I love! Thank you to all my clients for the allowing me to partner with you as you’ve stepped into your power and wired yourself to thrive!

“Attending the Chemistry of Change (Wired2Thrive) workshop was one of the best gifts I could've given to myself. I found Taryn to be warm, approachable and profoundly knowledgeable in her field. With her help I have been able to re-discover many gems within myself that have been dormant for a long time. Thanks Taryn for such an invaluable experience!"

Chemistry of Change Workshop

From just living a life I had to live, to actually living a life I WANT to live! This was due to the beauty of this incredible course! It isn’t about how long you live, but actually about the quality of the life you live. It has taught me to step up and really be brave in my own shoes. To not take things too personally and fully choose and do what makes ME happy. To “unplug” and say “no”. I am more confident in my own skin and don’t get into “shame storms” anymore. I am a lot kinder and gentler on myself. It has taught me how to really dance to the rhythm of life and be mindful of every step. Taryn is a phenomenal coach and then content is relevant and easy to understand. The practices are very useful to step into your own happiness, and are easy enough to practice on a daily basis for results. This course is worth every cent - but you must be willing to open up to experience change and put the extra time in each day. Let go of perfectionism and stay true to yourself. We all have it in us, thankfully this programme taught me how to tap into my own inner happiness and how to absolutely love every minute of being ME!

Wired4Happiness 6 month programme

'Taryn is all about life. She is full of fire, spunk and courage. The positive energy Taryn brings to the coaching space gave me the courage and strength to look at my challenges from a variety of perspectives, which enabled me to consider my current way and the choices I wanted to make with greater nuance and spice. Taryn holds the coaching relationship in a way that allows in vulnerability and leaves you with clarity and strength. As a coach she balances beautifully between bubbly humour, hard core questions and accountability. Taryn has been my coach of choice on a number of accessions and I will both contract her myself in future and recommend her to anyone looking for clarity and growth.'

H. P.
Executive Manager, Corp Governance & Traditional Affairs

Thank you for helping me on this journey! I was very apprehensive at the beginning of this coaching programme and thought I had been on coaching courses before and I did not need to go on one.

I would leave every session feeling very motivated and positive. When I was struggling with a situation, it would all become clear what my plan would be at the end of our sessions.

The change within my team has been unbelievable! Through this process I have got to know my team and found out what motivates and what is important to them. They feel they can come to me without being judged and are more committed now. The team spirit has improved dramatically over the past 6 months with the team coming up with solutions and working together which was one of my main objectives - to empower them to be solution-finding and no longer have to micro manage. Which has been achieved beyond what I thought was possible!

Debbie, Regional Manager
Mining Sector, Financial Industry

There will forever be a place in my heart for Taryn Harris. Her love, insight and compassion was just what I needed to help me find my way in this world. I have such a deep love and appreciation for her and I would recommend her to anyone who is yearning for personal growth, self-acceptance and connection. Not only did Taryn help me to believe in myself, she also shared the wonderful world of Nia with me. Her generosity and compassion awakened something so primal and wholesome within me, and I carry it within me to this day. Having Taryn as my life coach was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. It propelled me to a state of awareness that I could never have foreseen at the time. I am eternally grateful! Thank you Taryn!

Sassy, cheeky goddess, “She who is fierce, gentle & brave”

My objective was to motivate my team so that they fully appreciate the importance of their individual contributions in the delivery of a professional service to clients and work colleagues. Taryn Harris proved emphatically that she was the right person to do the job. Her hands-on, personalised and very practical approach simply blew our minds away and my entire team finished the team build on an emotional high. All reported back how motivated, invigorated and more confident they felt after experiencing Taryn’s passionate and unique embrace. I have no hesitation in recommending Taryn to any group who require inspiration, motivation or team building skills.


Our coaching sessions were just what I needed to kick start me from a place of inertia to truly stepping into my own power. You are truly a gifted listener and were able to support, challenge and inspire me. I felt that you really ‘got me’ and in doing that were able to invite me to see how I could do things differently. Our sessions allowed me to see things with new eyes – and your host of supportive resources in between sessions, were always spot on in providing me with just what I needed to cement the learnings. I really feel now that I have built a great foundation for going after the life I had imagined. Many thanks!

L. B.
Entrepreneur and Wild Wonderer

Taryn Harris presented a talk to our staff prior to a mandatory, routine and traditionally painful training day. Taryn blew life into the training day and helped our staff to enjoy the monotony of the event. To call her ability and technique good would be a great understatement.

Her energy and presentation style was key to the training days' success. She left our staff motivated and energised. The custom content created for us was on point and well put together.

We certainly will continue our working relationship with Taryn in the future.

Francois Henning, Quality Assurance Manager
Sensient Color SA

Taryn Harris partnered with me as my Executive/Leadership Coach.

During our first sessions Taryn quickly gained my trust and respect. Her personal coaching approach made a positive difference to my own leadership development, as she introduced me to best leadership practices observed from her own experience in other industries.

Taryn has excellent insights into business development and human communication. Her easy-going style helped me to see the difficult things that I needed to acknowledge about my own development areas.

She was able to help me keep focused on my goals and achieving those goals. Taryn was able to ask the right questions for me to find my own answers and implement the changes that I needed to in order to be a more effective leader.

Taryn coached me through a tough transitional period in both in my professional career and my personal life. Her coaching has helped me accelerate the planning and execution of my career and personal goals. Taryn’s sense of humor and matter of fact manner have been refreshing but always professional.

With Taryn as my coach, I have changed my leadership approach and am able to now see myself more objectively. She has assisted me to remove the stumbling blocks to my own leadership development, and provided me with the tools I need to understand how others perceive me. This has assisted me to adjust my actions and modify my behaviours for increasingly positive results.

Taryn always provided me with great insight and personal examples of how to implement changes, keeping me committed by regularly tracking progress. One of the things that I appreciate most about Taryn is that she is a big proponent of personal and professional balance and the need to optimize your satisfaction both in the workplace and at home.

Work-life balance is a term that is often tossed around and something I thought impossible, given the pressures placed on Executives in my organisation. I started spending more of my time getting work done than prioritising myself, family and friends. Taryn helped me realize how important it is to spend quality time in both areas of my life as well as taking time to focus on myself in order to be at my personal best.

I highly recommend Taryn as leadership development coach.

Director, Healthcare Sector

Thank you for a Sense-sational workshop. Joy-filled!


Thank YOU so much for a most enjoyable, informative and soul filled, happy morning at your Come to your Senses Workshop! I look forward to exploring further! I truly appreciate all the effort and hard work behind the scenes that goes into running and delivering a course like that!


Thank you Taryn. Your Come to Your Senses Workshop did me the world of good. I had entered a space of closing down physically and protecting myself and just knew the workshop would make a difference.
I love your vibrancy. You are brilliant at what you do.

Tina L

Walking into Taryn’s office 9 months ago was the best thing I could have done for myself. Little did I know the work her and I would start doing would turn my life around and ignite my inner spark to want to live fully again… I have learned to walk tall and be proud of who and what I have become.

A happily married mother of 2 beautiful kids is what I am.

I have learned to embrace life and take every opportunity good or bad by the horns and run with it.

When Taryn asked me what is my passion it took me so long to just think of one thing… Now if you had to ask me the same question I could write you a book!!

I am so grateful to Taryn for showing me that all the answers I needed were right in front of me I just needed guidance in finding them.

Here’s to life…

Thank you Taryn


There could not be a more appropriate name for COLOUR MY LIFE retreat and that’s exactly the gift I rewarded myself with through this experience. This was achieved by two phenomenal ladies sharing their passion and themselves in what they believe in.

I have been living my life as if I was physically in a coma. Every day flashing by in what felt like seconds.... A rushed rat race with goals and lists never ending. I had survived menopause, death of loved ones and Cancer... I just wanted ME back...... “I HAD LOST MY MOJO”

I am not saying that COLOUR MY LIFE is a miracle drug. What I am saying is that those hours spent with Taryn , Nicky and a bunch of awesome woman discovering our sense of fun and play, rhythm, music, art and the most gastronomic Vegan food made me feel I was worthwhile after all. It nudged me back into the direction I had lost somewhere along the way. To once again be able to just stop for a moment.... consciously “Smell the roses”. Breathe in the air and awaken my senses to what makes life worthwhile.

Most of all the euphoria did not disappear as I drove back home from this life changing experience. The rest of the worlds demands have not changed. I have however gone back to gym. I am experimenting with the different seeds and grains and foods that were incorporated in our meals at the retreat. I stop... and use my senses, breathing in each moment knowing that ahead of me lies some ME TIME for the things I love to COLOUR MY LIFE with....

Elaine Newman

The women’s retreat weekend was a wonderful opportunity to recharge and to invest in personal growth.

I loved the opportunity to reflect, from which I took away a sense of tranquility. The art and dancing were a wonderful source of self-expression and great fun!

Taryn is a capable and insightful facilitator who created an environment where people could share and learn without judgement. I would highly recommend Taryn’s retreats as a way to unwind and to invest in yourself.

Kathy Mann

I have been living in a “Mommy Bubble” for the last 3 years of my life, never really leaving the haze of what I think is expected of me as a woman, wife, mother, friend and entrepreneur. The life-pressure left me feeling ‘dehydrated & dull’ mentally, physically and emotionally to the point of feeling so brittle that if life threw me ‘curve ball’ I felt, I might snap and break.

I was invited to “The Colour my Life” Retreat. I can say with absolute certainty - what an amazing experience! What a treat to have been awakened to the saturation of colour in life, art, dance and most importantly the powerful softness of ME!

All I can say is - THANK YOU - Taryn from the bottom of my heart, body, mind and soul. Thank you for your words, inspiration and kindness - for creating a space where I could find me again! Bless you x

Tanya Simpson

HP had the privilege of hosting Taryn Harris on our International Women’s day and she rocked it!

Her passion shone through and she empowered all the women in the room and managed to get them to let loose!

Everyone loved her and would love to see her back again!

Thank you Taryn!

Jane Govindsamy

The weekend with Taryn was deeply introspective and generated so many learnings and insights for me that I still find myself processing many of the learnings.

Taryn was able to create a safe and contained space in which the participants shared openly and were able to support each other through the process. This helped offer so many different perspectives as we heard the stories of other women and as we shared our own.

The process is a gentle yet challenging one that helped nudge me out of my comfort zone and challenge my own thinking. Writing this review weeks later, I can definitely say I’ve shifted and claimed my power and it feels amazing. Thanks Taryn!


Feels like a lifetime ago (actually only about 6 months ago) I felt over-whelmed, stressed and uncertain of the way forward.

Through your facilitation I now feel that I have successfully de-cluttered my life, gained respect for myself and found a new sense of freedom and confidence going forward.

My relationships with those that matter to me have improved vastly and I believe this has been through a process of self-reflection, realisation and working/focusing on my ‘inner self/stuff’.

Things change when ‘you' start to matter to yourself!

So much has fallen into place and its just the most wonderful feeling!

Thank you for being my partner through this ‘awakening’ and ‘un-numbing’. I have so enjoyed our sessions and walked away each time with something incredible, a new thought, approach or perspective.
I love what you do for people!!

Sexy, rocking woman, mom and wife

Taryn is passionate about, and, loves what she does! She radiates a sense of joy which makes me realise that is what I want for myself!

I loved her workshop – she makes you feel relaxed and creates a sense of a “safe space” to explore your thoughts, feelings and desires.

I attended the workshop a couple of weeks ago and since then I have been so much more aware of my thoughts, feelings and actions and have used some of the tools we learnt and it’s AMAZING to see some shifts happening within myself and towards others.

The tools work and I am so excited to be on this path of “stepping into my Power!” Thank you Taryn. May you continue to inspire and motivate all those that are lucky to meet you! With love and light!


Taryn coached me in an unexpected way. She took me beyond my " to-do -lists" into a realm of being with myself that improved the holistic quality of my life.

Having been through coaching processes before I thought it would be a refresher.

Instead I discovered and deepened my living in a delightful and powerful way. More than an investment - a treasure !

Human Capital Officer & Executive

Recently I had the privilege of attending Taryn Harris's Step Into your Power Workshop.

The workshop was packed with very interesting concepts and practical exercises as to how to step into your power, by learning how the brain and the body work in synergy and how to stay connected as a whole.

Through skillful practical ways and exercises I can know reconnect with my mind and body and realign my thoughts, behaviour and posture. Which in turn has helped me to establish my purpose and have a plan of action for my life going forward .
Thanks to Taryn for sharing her passion and knowledge.

Nicky Thomson
Art for You

The two-day Step Into Your Power workshop with Taryn was so rich with knowledge and tools that I feel like I have left with a treasure chest. There are some very simple, quick techniques that I apply throughout my day when I need them – that help me take a breath and bring me back to clarity (the green zone). Some as simple as a movement or a word. There are others I use in particular situations – when I need to make decisions, boost my energy or confidence or enthusiasm, or to respond and act more sincerely.

The experience was driven and facilitated by Taryn but also self-made. Taryn gave us the knowledge and space to each build our own treasure chest, and to shape and define tools and techniques our own way. In my treasure chest I have ‘tip of tongue’, ‘tuning in’, ‘scanning’, ‘wings and hips’, ‘sparkle’, ‘drop in’, ‘hug’, ‘rise and radiate’, ‘power pose’, ‘heart centre pause’, ‘rrrrev’, ‘ gecko’, ‘tap in’, ‘slow eating’, and many more. These treasures are also fun and wonderful and easy to use. And powerful.

Amazingly I also in the course of the workshop, came to understand the primary purpose and reason behind why I do what I do. This was like discovering what makes me authentic, and that has brought an entirely new quality of lightness and simplicity to my life. Thank you ten-million-fold Taryn.

Nicky Grandin
Freelance Writer

Taryn speaks and teaches straight from the heart which is what I love most about her . She lives her authentic Truth and wants to share what she has learnt with the world.
Attending the launch of her business, listening to her speak, unexpectedly brought a huge catalyst for positive change in my own life.

Her enthusiasm for living life to the full encourages you to step out of your own comfort zone and be brave! She has a unique way of connecting you to the joy of life, moving
beyond “normal” day to day living and your own insecurities, enabling you to connect with your true self.
I am deeply grateful that our paths have crossed.

Di Atherton
Workshop facilitator, change agent and motivational speaker www.diatherton.co.za

A beautiful experience for the women at York Timbers. Thank you Taryn for reminding us how alive and special we are! We were exhilarated and inspired to be the best that is within us. Thank you - we look forward to many more workshops with you.

Kirsten Coetzee
Chief Human Capital Officer York Timbers (Pty) Ltd

“I am eternally grateful that I connected with Taryn through a mutual friend, I literally threw my hands up in the air and said “God…please send me the speaker I need for the Comm-un!-tea for CANSA ladies annual event…” and BOOM I received a mail introducing Taryn Harris….I attended her launch at Holiday Inn Express in Johannesburg, was moved both spiritually & physically!

Then Taryn was our motivational speaker for the Comm-un!-tea event and I was honoured to be invited the day after to a workshop she ran for a corporate and I have to say “TARYN…YOU ARE THE JUICE!….thank you for making me feel alive, for awakening the yearning to do that which is good for my soul….for inspiring me.” I have felt the shift since I connected with your lively soul and I feel so blessed to have worked and danced with you….THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart”

Brenda Archdeacon
BrightSide Events

Imagine this: You are being joyfully guided on a conscious, somatic journey and discovery into the 'well’ - ‘being’ of your body. Yes, your body is indeed a well full of treasures waiting to be discovered, which directly impacts your state of being. You suddenly become aware of all the infinite, intricate, delicate, sensitive and powerful connections, relations and communications within your body. You become responsive to and enact your body and all its mysterious intelligences in a very different way – body/mind/emotions are no longer seen and experienced as separate, but as a harmonious, conscious and delightful affair – this understanding influences your experience of life, your expression of self and your emotions, and your thoughts.

Taryn skilfully and brilliantly takes you deeper and deeper into your body. She passionately creates and facilitates unsurpassed experiences where you can meet your body and express yourself in a safe, joyful and meaningful environment. She is an ‘in-bodiment’ and somatic extraordinaire specialist. Taryn is witty, awake, aware, energetic and smart. Why wait? Wake your body up and let it move – Taryn will ensure that.

Hannelie Pienaar

Worthwhile sessions indeed. Taryn taught me how to unpack, brings issues into reality, guided me to find solutions and motivated me to becoming an achiever.

Artistic Director

Taryn is a motivating, structured and professional coach. Her ways and methodologies are world class. She has assisted me in getting out of a spiral of thinking negatively, aided me with controlling “my gremlin” and provided me with tools and techniques that I use daily to bring about change in my life.

She assists and guides you to reach your dreams and gives you a structure to supports you in meeting your goals and objectives. Taryn has supported me in finding impeccability towards myself and through this I have learnt to love myself again which has brought about significant changes; not just in my self-image and self-worth; but in my relationships, work and how I now treat the outside world! My internal light is glowing! Thank you Taryn!

Head of Business Development

Taryn's intuition is electric. She sensed what I needed and helped me find my own solutions, all the while maintaining her humour, humanity, and humility. She is a joy to work with.

Shannon Niebuhr

Taryn is a great guide on the adventure of discovering your true self. In small ways she moves you to make great changes for the better.

Anri B

We were privileged to host Taryn as a presenter at our Ladies Day event in August 2014. She is amazing and has immeasurable enthusiasm and lust for life!

She completed our programme with a fun, interactive session getting all the ladies off their seats. The session was run in such a way that everyone felt comfortable, we started off slowly and built up to the high energy movements (great way to get your heart rate up). The session was well facilitated and the passion she has for movement is contagious. We hosted 180 ladies at the event and Taryn effortlessly managed this group. Thank you TARYN!!

Bridget MacDonald
Society of Cosmetic Chemists

Every session with Taryn has increased my capacity to think and grow beyond the limits that I have placed for myself. She helps me look at things from fresh angles and makes me challenge my status quo. She has a unique ability to help you understand what you are saying - to help you order your thoughts and discover what you already know!

M Dalton
SARS Manager

Taryn is an inspiring teacher and facilitator. She has an amazing energy about her and sense of fun, and also the ability to make you feel comfortable by being encouraging and supportive. I really look forward to my time with Taryn.


Taryn has really inspired me to connect my mind and body. She allows you to go at your own pace and always makes you feel comfortable enough to try something new. She not only teaches movement, but also encourages awareness of your body and emotions, which is so essential in our busy lives.

Stephanie Grant

Taryn has taught me through the dance of Nia, how to profoundly connect to my body, and thereby myself.

Through her classes, I have learnt incredible ways of accessing my own strength and gentleness. The wonder is that as a result of my experiences in her classes, I have been able to consciously access the power to both stand my ground and be softer and more flexible in the face of challenging situations in my everyday life. I have also discovered the ability to access more joy and delight.

Taryn generously imparts her deep insights, wisdom and practical knowledge, and translates this into the dance and movement of Nia in a natural and inspiring way.

I feel privileged to have met her.


A place of release.....refreshing.


Taryn has a natural ability to put you at ease which enables you to fully embrace the coaching experience.

Karen Pires

I find Taryn to be very open, friendly and easy to get along with. When in her presence you feel you can let your guard down. As for her coaching, I find the exercises that she uses effective and easy to use. She is easy to open up to and she truly is interested in your success.

Kiki Makis MD
Mazaza Creative Solutions

Taryn is full of energy and it rubs off on the class. Not only is my body getting a workout but my inner self as well. I leave every class feeling energised and ready to take on the world!


I have loved my Nia classes with Taryn and found her classes motivating and immensely enjoyable. Who knew you could have so much fun and get fitter and stronger at the same time. Besides being a great instructor, Taryn clearly communicates the benefits and encourages you to move beyond your limitations, into a new you.


Taryn has the unique ability to connect with people in an authentic and selfless manner and this makes her easy to engage with. In my interactions with her it is evident that those around Taryn feel at ease to share their challenges and to immerse themselves in the experience without fear of judgement.

HR Executive at SABMiller

I love her sense of fun and passion. Her ability to take people “out of themselves” to move from self-consciousness to liberation is remarkable. As a body-mind movement expert, Taryn’s commitment to the art is evident in the enthusiasm she displays while teaching it.

Lynda Bleazard
Owner of Medical Occupational Health Organisation & Director Investor Relations Africa Region at United Way Worldwide

She is patient, encouraging and supportive and gets her audience to go places within themselves that they may never have found the courage to do otherwise!

Anusha Singh
Founder and CEO of Blueprint International & Owner of Inspiring Women Network