Professional Biography

Taryn Harris is a business, brand and human capital activator with a skill in growing and optimising assets for improved productivity, motivation, adoption and resilience!

Taryn facilitates the adoption of innovation (i.e. new ideas, processes, methods) to ensure uptake and business optimisation with consistent brand alignment.

An internationally accredited executive coach, life strategist and the creator of the In-Body method & Wired4Success Programme.

Her diverse marketing, branding and commercial background, and extensive business and entrepreneurial expertise across a wide range of industries has given her deep insights into understanding various ecosystems and what motivates talent to align with the brand and business objectives & what is required for long-term behavioral change.

After obtaining her social sciences degree with majors in marketing management and philosophy, Taryn spent the next 13 years gaining experience, both in South Africa and abroad, in branding, advertising, investments and financial planning, eventing, investor communications, education and business services.

Taryn’s many roles included: project manager, business analyst, lecturer, senior client service manager, financial advisor, business co-owner, senior account manager and marketing and brand manager. Her range of clients included a multi-national sports brand, an international pharmaceutical group, a retail giant in Africa, renowned national franchises, JSE-listed and blue chip companies, individuals and NGOs.

Taryn has also completed the internationally accredited Diploma in Professional Coaching (DiPC) with The Coaching Centre. Taryn has concurrently, over the past twelve years, studied sensory-based movement and how to harness the body’s intelligence for integrated living and is a certified Nia Brown Belt and Nia 5 Stages practitioner.

Taryn has combined her multi-faceted experience and knowledge to develop the In-Body method. Taryn teaches individuals and groups how to integrate cognitive information (theory/new learnings), develop emotional intelligence (resilience and self-management), and use the body to change, shift, evolve and positively influence behaviour (biochemistry). She shows clients how to rewire their brain (neuroplasticity) and re-programme their neural pathways (neurobiology) to become more motivated, content, resilient and confident.

She also teaches leaders the science of inspiration and art of relationship (social intelligence) to motivate themselves, their teams and promote buy-in  and harness the power of a shared vision. Taryn’s specialty is activating ecosystems and individuals so that they are ready to align with, benefit from and implement change and innovation and drive the adoption of new skills, behaviour and thinking. Her skill is to guide organisations and individuals to instill the DNA required for effective growth and to create self-sustaining systems.

Among the results of the In-Body approach are enhanced confidence and listening skills, clearer decision making, creative solution generation, better posture and body language, an improved ability to deal with stress, refined relationship management tools and an enhanced understanding of accountability and choice.

Those who have worked with Taryn praise her for her sense of enthusiasm and professionalism, and for her ability to connect with people and make them feel at ease – so that they immerse themselves in and benefit from the experience. The powerful, real-time effects of the practices and tools, and way complex theories are simplified and relayed in everyday language makes the programmes engaging and relevant.

Taryn works with individuals, groups, teams and organisations to deliver an experience that supports sustainable and recognisable change and embodied learning. She provides one-on-one coaching, inspirational talks, bespoke group workshops and other facilitations for special sessions or occasions.

Taryn also works as a business and executive coach and has formed associations to ensure the best value for her clients through collaboration with reputable industry experts. These associations give her access to many specialists in the field of education, coaching and development, and also support large-scale interventions and programmes.