Nia Workshops

The focus of the experiential Nia workshops is on “The Body’s Way – Sensation”. The intent is to become a sensation scientist and to probe the Nia hypothesis: Through movement we find health.

The Nia concept of sensation science refers to the subjective investigation of personal health and potential as explored through physical sensation. The student is both the laboratory and the scientist!

The workshops are divided into two parts: Part 1 is “The Practice” and Part 2 is “The Experience”.

Part 1, The Practice, consists of simple exercises that teach you about The Body’s Way and help you develop knowledge about yourself and body. Part 2, The Experience, is a Nia workout. This is when you take the knowledge you gained in Part 1 and play with sensing it in your body.

I also have a flair for creating unique movement experiences for events. Contact me here to how I can help you create a fun, meaningful and soulful movement experience!