Move with me

As a Nia Brown Belt and Nia 5 Stages practitioner, my aim is to create a safe space in which to increase the awareness of being alive, to plug into sensation and to promote the freedom to explore all of you whilst supporting your well-being and self-healing.

I began my journey into somatic wellness over ten years ago, and continue to perfect my dexterity as an ever-evolving ‘sensation scientist’. Nia is my movement meditation and medicine – it makes my soul and body smile.

I help you tap into your body’s wisdom and integrate mind and emotions, to celebrate self-expression, and cultivate a sense of community and inter-connectedness to every thing and every body. Listening to your body’s wisdom and moving according to your body’s way allows you to access your own power to self-heal and evolve, and have fun doing it!

I believe that movement is the elixir for the body, mind, emotions and soul,
and that life is the journey back to wholeness.

My Purpose

To awaken in every BODY the ability to self-heal, facilitate authentic self-discovery and cultivate self-love. When you give yourself permission to play, there are no “ordinary” moments. Dance the joyful dance of your ALIVENESS!

For more information on Nia classes and workshops I offer please visit the Nia South Africa website here

Nia Workshops
The focus of these Experiential Nia workshops is on “The Body’s Way – Sensation” The intent is to become a sensation scientist. To probe the Nia hypothesis, “Though movement we find health”. Read more →
NIA 5 stages
The Nia 5 Stages practice facilitates optimal alignment, improved function, self-healing and comfort in the body and is based on the five stages of human development: Embryonic, Creeping, Crawling, Standing and Walking. Read more →
Nia is a total body-mind workout; it develops sensory awareness, is kind to the joints, and is adaptable to all levels of fitness, all ages and body types, including those with special limitations. Read more →