Courage. The root of the word courage is cor, which is the Latin word for heart.

So how do we stay brave enough to speak from our heart? Live from our hearts? Act from a place of love and not fear?

You offer something totally unique to this world we live in – YOU. (Yes, you are AWESOME and you do have CHOICE available to you in every moment)

You also have a one-in-a-kind dream.

How do you honour yourself by pursuing your dream? How do you honour the gift of YOUR LIFE by sharing who you are fully with the world?

Dreaming is so much fun. Our imagination takes us on a journey of infinite  possibility.

Oftentimes I’ll catch myself smiling to myself due to the overwhelming surge of joy the idea of my dream invokes. Pure inspiration.

Untapped, untamed, raw, pure potential.

Believing in yourself and  “just doing it” – that is the part that is scary.

Following your calling is not easy – and it will break your heart open often along the way. But this breaking makes you stronger and more courageous. And it fills your heart with compassion for yourself and others.

The act of continuing to choose to pursue my truth – despite the pain & disillusionment –  re-affirms my BELIEF in ME and my worth. The possibility of manifesting my vision gives me the strength to keep choosing me and take the next step.

Give yourself a moment to “just consider” what your dream is? What it would look like? How might it make you feel? #questionsarekey

It doesn’t have to be a massive dream. Just something to stretch you a little.

It can be something like, “I have always wanted to be able to paint landscapes”. So, what would your first step need to be in order to live this into reality? For you to create your own landscape? Would you use oils? Would it be inspired by Monet? Or maybe van Gogh? Or a memory? Your imagination?

We do not all have the opportunity to pursue our dreams. There are people starving, homeless, at war…  there is so much suffering out there and on our own doorsteps.  With the base need is to survive. But despite the suffering and having very little opportunity to dream  – people still do. What can you do to honour those who have dreams (we all have dreams) but are not able to follow them?  (Due to real obstacles and not mind-constructed excuses.)

In keeping with the theme of living with courage, I wanted to share a rocking and totally inspiring  TEDx talk done by by South African Award-winning Pianist and Vocal Artist, Shannon Hope.

She speaks of being a professional dreamer.

She reminds us that it is not a revolutionary concept that, “You only live once”.

Contemplate this. This is your ONE life. *Pause* You only live once.*Pause*. And you have no control over how or when it is going to end. *Pause*

Shannon is a real life example of following a dream, with the view that “sensing fear” is often indicative of something you should be doing, not something you should be avoiding. What struck a chord with me was her message that failure is not a finite ending. It defines you as someone who tried in that moment. And that the our definition of a “happy ending”  is what often holds us back from talking the first step to embrace our greatness.



“I do love that I inspire people – but I shouldn’t be an exception.” – Shannon Hope

What I know in my heart, head and bones to be true for me is that I am here to help others  live a life that inspires them.

In doing so, I free myself by living my dream.

But I also need to be inspired. To be reminded that I have something of value to offer myself and the world.

Dreaming is the easy part. Believing in yourself & constant self-exposure to the elements of life is the practice. The ending? You will only know it as you live into it.



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