Are you finding that everything feels more difficult than normal lately? Want to dream a new reality? Like a deliciously good dream that you don’t want to wake up from?

Are you noticing that you are currently re-evaluating your beliefs, judgements, desires and values? Is there a tension and sense that a “new way” is emerging in terms of what you actually want out of life and how you want to experience it?

Have you detected that you are feeling flat, defensive or shut down in some areas, and do you REALLY want to transform these experiences into ones that are more nourishing and less nightmarish?

If you answered yes, then the above episode is for you!  Join me down the rabbit hole as we redefine the matrix!

Now that you’ve had time to watch, the “feel the chemistry” challenge for this month is in 3 parts.

(These can be practiced in sections or over time, or at once.  Find a way of using these tools that work for YOU in YOUR world – experiment until it resonates and lights you up with new awareness, new choices and a Hell YES!)

Remember, this is not about lying to yourself or self-deception. Or blaming the external matrix for how you are feeling. It’s also not about pretending your personal challenges or the ones the world is grappling with are not real – they are. And they are complex made up of over 7 billion individual “truths”.  It’s about taking responsibility for what you think and how you relate and experience YOUR world and THE world.   It’s about being selective in the areas of your experience you can impact. The areas you REALLY REALLY want to shift. (10 out of 10 YES!)   It’s stepping into your power and using your ability to CHOOSE what you believe that is true for you and serves you.

Affirmations don’t work. Not unless you believe them. And change doesn’t happen unless you REALLY want it. (There will be challenges in your inner matrix and without, so to give yourself the best chance at re-defining the matrix, you have to support yourself and be clear on your motivation) AND the paradox is, if you TRY TOO HARD, it will shut down your limbic brain, as putting too much pressure on yourself will move you into fight or flight, which then doesn’t serve your creation of your new world order.

See this as playing a game. Experiment and observe. Once your awareness is switched on, it becomes easier and insights will start sparking and the matrix will start shifting! Collect data and evidence with a gentle curiousity. Got it? Let’s do this!



1.  Uncover sleeper agents: Start noticing the areas where you are having a “nightmarish” experience. (Where you feel scared, angry, etc.) Your body (living, breathing matrix of indescribable intelligence) will give you clues to communicate this. It might be shallow breathing, a defensive posture, your thinking might literally shut down, you might get a hot flush – everyone’s clues from their inner matrix are different – get to know yours! Don’t overdo it. You might already know what area it is, or you might decide to spend a few days practicing this awareness to discover it. Listen to the thoughts & beliefs your mind is busy with. As you discover the sleeper agents, write down the F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) messages that are messing with your mojo. Once you have a few, then create a space for reflection, and relax. Pick 1 to begin with. Micro changes with big impact!

2. Define Wonderland: Create a space – wherever you feel you have the freedom to explore and reflect. Have a pen and paper close by. Relax. Deeply relax. Become aware of your breathing. Focus on your breathing – noticing your chest rise and fall, your shoulders relax, your mind slow down. Imagine your mind dropping into your heart, and then slowly descending into your gut. Notice your belly rise and fall. Open yourself up to receive positive intelligence from your inner matrix with your awareness in your solar plexus area. Spend time dialing in. Now get ready to run these questions through your body.

  • What 1 area are you experiencing as nightmarish?
  • How does it feel?
  • How does it affect your experience?
  • How do you want to feel instead?

Write the answers down.

3. Game of True or False – Neo wakes up:

(In-Body Truth test – tapping into your somatic wisdom)

  • Run the false belief through your body, ask – “True or False?”
  • Then ask yourself, “What do I  choose to believe instead?” Write it down.
  • Then run it through your body and ask – “True or False.”
  • Run it through your body again, and ask, “Out of 10?” (in terms of believability)
  • Tweak new belief until it’s a 10 out of 10. (Example: My 10 out of 10 was, ” I am supported. I am capable & evolving is part of my natural state. Life is easier when I allow, listen within and trust, whilst working WITH what is unfolding to co-create my dream reality. I am a rocking risk ninja!”)
  • Final step. Take new belief, run it through your body and ask, “Out of 10?” (in terms of your commitment to living and practicing it). If a 10, YAY!  This is NB because when FEAR comes knocking, (because the future is uncertain and there is no data available as proof that it will even “work”), you can take the leap of faith, and create as you get “data”. Neo has no idea what the truth is or where it will lead, and he chooses it anyway because he desires a new way of relating to life. And as his new awareness grows and he lives it, he starts REALLY believing and experiments with new possibilities.  The invitation is to find something compelling and juicy that lights you up – so when resistance kicks in, you have a reason to keep backing yourself so you can redefine and master YOUR world.

What would you do if you were not afraid?

Heads up tribe. This experiment might lead to anger, and sadness and fear. So I have two heart-felt and practiced recommendations for you if this happens.

  • Be kind and gentle to the parts of you that are sad, angry and scared. Allow the emotions space and don’t judge them. It might touch a deep part of you, you might feel a sense of loss or self-betrayal. Feel the emotions. Fighting them & trying to sugar coat the truth of how you are feeling, will only amplify the resistance & it implies you are a failure, or have messed up…which you haven’t – and it’s not a nice way to treat yourself or support your growth. Practice self-compassion and once you notice the part of you those sleeper agents were trying to protect, you will understand your previous choices were made from fear yes, but also from a place of love and self-preservation. Once you acknowledge the feelings, they will move and shift. The only way out is through! Forgive. Let Go. Let come. You don’t know what you don’t know – so trust the integration, choices and the timing of your life.

  • And although the initial part of this might feel “urghhhh”, these are “growing pains” to celebrate as you dream your new reality in the world and new opportunities await! This is exciting! So when you feel the fear, in your “NEO” newness, ask yourself, “What would I do if I wasn’t afraid?” Below is of my favourite poems that I sense will support you during this time as you let go of old parts of you (it can feel like death, however, it’s also “re-birth”) and that will give you the courage to step into the unknown, trusting YOURSELF and LIFE (the universe, the Devine, God, etc) to co-create a new reality – YOU’ve got this!

“What would you do if you were not afraid of anything, anything at all?

What would you do if you were told and you have come to know that the Matrix of Life holds and supports you?

Right now, deep within you, resides a buried treasure, waiting to be unearthed.

As you start digging and find the courage to follow the small voice of the heart at all times, fear drops like a discarded coat.”

(Author unknown to me)

Hope you enjoyed! And high-five to courageously creating YOUR world! Feel free to share this with anyone you think would resonate and get value from this –  So they can dream a new reality too!

Until next time, keep vibing & thriving as you create a life that inspires you!

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  1. Amanda says:

    WOW! No this was very intriguing Taryn. Love the way you think and connect dots

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