A Love Affair with Authenticity

Tori Amos, legendary singer, artist, musician, activist, songwriter and rocking, gorgeous human being, came into my life when I was 15 years old. Her music that is.  Her songs have always been apt and have resonated with my journey as it unfolded – it’s been a love affair with her messages, her energy and music of over 20 years. Her songs helped shake me awake and deepened my awareness on so many levels.  She has been (and still is) a source of inspiration and strength, and a symbol for living your truth, stepping out of the shame storms, developing your gifts and speaking out concerning authenticity, worth, female rights and taboo topics.

One of my bucket list (A.K.A. Wish list) items has always been to see her live.  So when my man said he had organised us tickets to go watch her show for the Unrepentant Geraldines Tour happening at Monte Casino,  AND that he had organised us backstage passes to meet her after the show, I stood staring at him in shock for at least 30 seconds before a wave on indescribable excitement flooded through my body!


The Live Experience in the Flesh

The show was surreal and incredible. Nothing I can say would begin to do it justice. Seriously. It seemed that the world stood still and at the same time, each second infused the senses and soul – and at moments, I felt I might burst out of my skin.  She played two pianos concurrently and performed non-stop with so much heart, skill and art and not a sip of water!  And then –be still my heart – we made our way backstage!

There were about 20 people waiting to meet her, we were 3rd last in line and it was very late. What further blew my mind was her availability and the humility that she radiated to each person there. She took at least 10 minutes with each person. Completely real and authentic – no rushing and completely present. Having human conversations devoid of awkwardness and ego.

When she got to us, she shared what had sparked this world tour – which came about due to advice she had received from her then 14-year old daughter. (This conversation happened 2 years ago, so below is my recollection, not a word-for-word recount.) She said that she had had no intention to do a tour. Subconsciously, she has momentarily been foxed by the stories we often believe about what is “appropriate” and at what age. She had recently turned 50 and had decided to shift to performing in piano bars to smaller groups of people. (Nothing wrong with this – playing in piano bars is awesome!) However, her daughter in her wisdom, reminded her mom of what she stood for, her message, her following, her art,  her legacy, and that age meant nothing… and this world tour – consisting of 73 concerts over 7 months – was birthed!


Conscious Creation of Self and Creative Living

Tori (in my view) embodies the essence of creative living, authentic truth, possibility thinking and pure art. Her life story  is testament to this.  She has now created a musical with Samuel Adamson called The Light Princess, gifting the world with more music, messaging and metaphor for the soul and heart to connect to, so we can remember that part within ourselves.

For me – this epic moment of meeting – reminded me of how often we get hypnotised by what “they” say about what is appropriate?  Who the hell are “they” anyway, and why do they get to make the rules? They are also humans. Not better than you, and guess what, they’re also winging it!  YOU MAKE YOUR OWN RULES.


We so often argue for our limitations, the majority of them being illusions, and which can stop us from fully living and divorce us from joy. And this doesn’t serve you or the world at large.  YOU ARE SIGNIFICANT AND YOU MATTER. And so do your gifts, opinions and your own special magic.  My invitation to you is to reflect on what is possible? What parts of you might you be neglecting? What do you ache to create? What parts of you do you crave to explore and develop, so that you can become more of you? How can you fill your form and live a life of full potential? YOUR LIFE.  How can you shift from a mindset of scarcity and fear to one of possibility and abundance? How can you back yourself and take the leap to give yourself permission to play and explore and create? How can you shake off the malaise and apathy and wake up to your magnificence and infuse your essence?  How can you live with “self” confidence and what does that look and feel like?

In the words of Tori Amos – and the first song of hers that I ever heard – below an excerpt of the lyrics that speak to the inner war  we often wage and violence we sometimes inflict on ourselves and our self-worth.

“Why do we
Crucify ourselves
Every day
I crucify myself
Nothing I do is good enough for you
Crucify myself
Every day
And my heart is sick of being in chains

He says will you ever learn
You’re just an empty cage girl
If you kill the bird”

Back yourself . Be kind to yourself. The quality of your life and experience depends on it!






Taryn Harris is an Executive Coach, Human Asset Activator, Life designer, Speaker, and Creator of the Hardwire4Success and IN-BODY  Programmes.  www.tarynharris.com

I have a skill in growing and optimising assets for improved productivity, motivation and resilience. I prepare ecosystems for the adoption of innovation (i.e. new ideas, skills, processes and methods) to promote uptake and business optimisation with consistent brand alignment.  I have a flair for mobilising human ecosystems to align with innovation and evolve with change.

I focus on developing interpersonal and leadership skills, with emphasis on emotional intelligence and the science of inspiration to guide organisations and individuals to create buy-in and self-sustaining systems.

I teach you how to positively affect your mind and emotions by changing your biology to become more content, resilient, productive and confident.

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2 Responses to What I learnt from Tori Amos

  1. Nikki says:

    Wow! Beautiful read. And such goosebumps reading Tori’s words at the end of your blog. Just what I needed to hear, as always. Thanks Taryn xxx

    • Taryn Harris says:

      Glad you enjoyed! Tori wakes us up to what we already know as our own truth within x And our “job” is to follow joy – and keep doing the work without it feeling meh! Its a discovery and adventure – and we are part of adding to the creative space called life! Each of us is life as art and a walking masterpiece, continually creating as we create ourselves and our experiences! YEEHA!

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