Do you set positive intentions and say affirmations only to notice that you lose your “oomph” and struggle to operate from that mindset?

Do you want to know more about how we are wired and how that affects our ability to stay calm, confident and happy?

Would you like a learn a simple method (that takes 2 minutes) to begin to re-wire your biology (based on neuroscience) to reduce negativity (a.k.a. kryptonite) and activate your DNA to grow positivity to help you show up confident and calm (a.k.a. superpower)?

Kryptonite: Your Inherited 5:1 Negativity Bias

We are wired to scan for danger. This was passed down to us from our ancestors who were actual prey to predators and had to ensure they survived and weren’t eaten, which was a worthy motivation! Today, this genetic encoding affects us in numerous ways:

1)      We react to perceived stressful situations, e.g.  a “DEADline” – as if we are being chased by a predator and are in actual mortal danger that could result in death. (Note: stressful due to how we interpret and relate to it, not the reality of the situation)

2)      We focus on what is wrong more than what is “right”. (When a colleague, manager, loved one has met your expectations on 4 “deliverables”, but failed at the 5th one, what do you focus on?)

3)   This means that we spend more time in the Red zone (state of chronic stress) than in the Green Zone (state of health & flow).  In simple terms, spending too much time in the Red Zone can make you ineffective, unhappy and sick – mentally, physically and emotionally – and actually kills off the brain cells that help you cope with stress!  

So how can you support yourself and stop waging this internal inner war that results in a undesirable quality of life?

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Green Zone (RESPONSIVE) vs. Red Zone (REACTIVE)

The goal is to change your wiring so that you can operate more from the GREEN zone, and less from the RED zone.

“Red Zone (Stressed, reactive state which promotes disequilibrium, shuts down thinking and burns resources). The Green Zone (sustainable equilibrium where we experience no felt/perceived threat, loss or rejection and your body refuels, recovers, repairs).” – Dr Rick Hanson, Ph.D

 Your Super Power: Neuroplasticity

The ability to change your inherited biology. Yip, you heard me. New brain science has proven that the brain is able to and does change.  This means you can actively change your brain’s physical structure, which then impacts your motivation, how you behave, react and think. You can literally alter your grey matter and the hormone activity in your body to positively impact your DNA and wiring! You can become the hero and build your immunity to your kryptonite. It’s your brain’s way of re-wiring itself to meet your needs. How’s that for a superhero’s trusty side kick?

 “Neurons that fire together, wire together.” Donald Hebb, neuropsychologist

 Desired Mutation Question:

What “felt sense” or trait would improve how you deal with stress and the bombarding pressures?

Would it be to feel more confident? Calm? Supported? Heard?

Got the answer?


The How: From Kryptonite to Superpower

ACTIVATE – choose your chemicals!

Notice or create the experience: This needs to be rooted in your experience! Start to actively seek out and notice the multitude of moments that are available to you every day that make you feel the way you want to feel. Real-time evidence of you showing up and demonstrating the superpower you want to grow.  For example, if you want to build the sense of confidence, notice the moments during the day where you do something that you are proud of! When you aced a business meeting or successfully completed something.  By consciously activating your awareness and changing the way your neurons relate, you choose the chemicals (dopamine & testosterone) that increase your confidence levels. You can even create the experience by calling up a memory of a person or event which made you feel the way you wish to feel.

Amplify – feel the chemistry!

Grow the sensation of “x” (e.g. confidence) to get neurons wiring. Having a cognitive thought of, “I really nailed that presentation” is just paying lip service. Yes, the first step is to start NOTICING (and high five that you have activated your awareness). However, if you are saying or thinking that whilst being busy with a list of things to do, or the sensation in your body and the emotion you are feeling is pretty vanilla and “blergh” then it doesn’t impact your reality. (Or your biology and wiring which impacts how you experience life) You need to “plug in” to the experience and INFUSE it with attention and FEELING! Make an effort to feel and experience it as a sensation. That is how we learn and change, through “experience-based” neuroplasticity. Getting the neurons to fire together for a longer period of time for lasting results.  So notice it and then grow it by being with the feeling and getting your mind and body to connect the thought (cognitive awareness) to the experience as a sensation in your body.

 Absorb– make it part of your chemistry!

Allow it to sink into you & become part of biology:  We change our wiring through practice and repetition. You have approximately 75 trillion cells that are instantly sent neuropeptides that carry the hormones communicating what you are experiencing and thinking. (Your cells literally vibrate when they receive information)  So send those chemicals to all those cells with the intention to soak up the “good vibrations” and get your neurons firing in a new, positive way. Be with the sensation for at least 20 seconds so that your body has time to assimilate the experience – to help this new practiced awareness and experience become a part of your DNA!

 Secret weapon:

Do this as many times a day as you can. You can do it in your car, at your desk, whilst in a meeting –anywhere! No one will notice you are doing it, and it is the “invisible” secret weapon that you don’t need to create time for – all you have to do is Activate, Amplify and Absorb it!

Be the Hero and Hardwire Yourself for Success!

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Taryn Harris is an Executive Coach, Human Asset Activator, Life designer, Speaker, and Creator of the Hardwire4Success and IN-BODY  Programmes.

I move people into their power and ideas, brands and organisations into their power through people.

I focus on developing interpersonal and leadership skills, with emphasis on emotional fitness and the science of inspiration to guide organisations and individuals to create buy-in and self-sustaining systems. I teach you how to positively affect your mind and emotions by changing your biology to become more content, resilient, productive and confident.

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