At the beginning of the year I was visiting my cousin Tamsynn. I was brand new in Jo’burg and launching my In-Body offering.  I needed to find a platform from which I could share my message and find like-minded people to connect with. And so began my journey with the International Inspiring Women’s Network (I.I.W.N) and Anusha Singh. What a perfect fit!

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This platform is for women in power to empower women and our youth. It creates a forum for crucial conversations to take place around real issues that affect us daily and need resolution and healing. It (and all its contributors) create awareness and encouragement. This empowers others to over-come fear and ignorance – leading to different and better choices.

Brave women step up and share their stories to inspire, their resources & talents to uplift one another and collectively a vision for a better tomorrow – one step at a time – unfolds.


Connections and partnerships are forged. Opportunities are created and strong bonds emerge based on synergy and the belief that there is more than enough for everyone – a positive, abundant space for sharing and support, no room for competition and scarcity mentality. Sisterhood and life is celebrated! All aspects of the individual are addressed – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

One 1 December (World AIDS Day), I.I.W.N. hosted a “Living Positively High Tea” at the Michelangelo Hotel.  Five hours of inspirational speakers addressing all aspects of living positively, with special attention on HIV and addressing the ignorance that surrounds it.

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I do not really know how to write about this event – this platform and what it encompasses! The content is so rich – and with that I truly believe it has to be experienced to be understood comprehensively.

Anusha created this network and community – and it fuels me and other trail blazers to keep on going and believe in the best version of the future and of those around me. I have listed some of the speakers below – as they are truly all an inspiration! But if I were to list all the contributors (including attendees), this might become a thesis of AWESOMENESS!


As an “in-body” integration and inspirational coach, it was my role to close the event on a high note – to mobilise everyone to celebrate life, their bodies and personal stories,  and integrate all the themes of the day into a movement piece – what an honour!  AND SO MUCH FUN!!! Plus I was able to eventually ditch the heels!

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I truly believe events like these will birth our new generation of thought leaders! My view: More people should attend events like this. Why? You look serious issues in the face. You are reminded of what is really important. You are energised by the success of others and motivated by what they have overcome and created! For me, as an entrepreneur and new Jo-burger, it has helped keep me focused on my own vision despite the bumps (and sometimes boulders) in the road…


A collective thinking space to ignite transformation. Food for body, mind, emotions and soul. I always leave their loving being alive – feeling blessed and significant.

Remember that your story inspires so many people in your life! You might not even know that you inspire someone – but in truth your existence fuels someone to keep moving forward.

Keep shining your light!


Criselda Kananda (mother, Managing Director of Positive Talk Services, a wellness activist, Metro-fm Talk Show Host and Kaelo stories of hope presenter) inspired attendees  and dispelled  ignorance with her courageous personal story, humour and her passion for life.

Yvonne Kgame, (A teacher, chief examiner, mentor, inspirational speaker, researcher and is currently the Executive of Innovations and Editorial Manager of local content at the SABC) a regular contributor at these events – embodies such gentleness, grace and wisdom. I see her as the mother figure of the group – nurturing this tribe of thought leaders.

Sharon Gordon from Lola Montez shed light on how she feels we need to heal the way we view our sexuality and shared tips on how to stay safe whilst still having LOTS of fun!

Shannon Walbran, (South Africa’s top psychic who is on Radio Today) brings a mystical and real element by connecting attendees to each other and their spirit guides with deep insights, humour and delivers the messages with such humanity and care.

Glenys van Halter (Founder and Chairperson of Zizanani)  stirred the audience with her story of triumph and grace.  If any of you would like to provide the children and staff of New Jerusalem Orphanage with love or resources, please contact Glenys.

A fashion show by Sonwabile Ndamase – winner of the gold award at the Miss Earth 2013!

Live entertainment by sensational performer (one of her many gifts) Anne-Marie Clulow – getting everyone involved to sing SIMPLY THE BEST!

*All photos provided by event photographer: Sli Majola

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