Welcome to the Wired2Thrive sessions with yours truly, me!

In today’s episode, we look at how to invest two of your most precious and invaluable assets, so you can activate the juiciness YOUR life has to offer!

I share my mom’s two biggest insights from her recent trip to the Antarctic (Itchy feet personified!) and powerful questions to ignite your inner wisdom so you can step into your power and make different choices to add texture to your life.

Then if you accept the “Feel the chemistry” challenge…and experiment and play, it will positively affect your mind, emotions and relationships! Ready to discover?

Let’s do this!

Wired2Thrive Alchemy Questions:

  1. Where do you invest your time?
  2. Who do you spend it with?
  3. Having what kind of conversations?
  4. Thinking what kind of thoughts?
  5. What would you RATHER be doing? (AHA!)
  6. Does the way you invest your time energise you? (And I’m not talking about energiser bunny, off the wall, bouncy behaviour – I’m asking if it charges your battery. Does it make your life feel meaningful and textured?)
  7. Do the above activities light you up?
  8. If not, what does energise you?
  9. And HOW can you DO MORE of that? (And less of what makes you feel “meh”)

* Note: A lot of our life can feel filled with “having” to do things we don’t actually enjoy. And I am not advocating walking out of a job or relationship today because it feels a bit “flat”. Life is made up of things we don’t want, so we can work out what we want instead! You wouldn’t have a clue what juices you otherwise.We learn through contrast and experience – this then gives us insight into our own wiring & magical mojo requirements!

Life also provides us with opportunities to find ways to relate to the “have to’s” in a way that feels different, by changing the way we relate to it. For example, you might feel a 2/10 when doing admin or your business plan, as you feel this sucks your life force from you. (We are all different – I have a friend who is on a high when busy on Excel!) BUT, if you positively SHIFT how you see the way you are spending your time to, “When this business plan is done, I will have clarity around what this new venture will mean for my quality of life and my dreams”, you could up your energy to at least a 6/10 and engage with the process with more acceptance and excitement, and less resistance.

So, start small and see how you can invest more of your precious time creating moments that feed you – the trick is to start. NOW :-) (Another favourite track, “The time is now” – Moloko)

Finally, “Adventure of a Lifetime” by Coldplay is one of my favourite songs! I’ve included it below & my MASSIVE invitation to you is to turn it up & use it as your theme song to energise you as you practice these two new tools to wire yourself to THRIVE! Turn your magic on – literally!

Hope you enjoyed! Until next time, keep vibing & thriving as you create a life that inspires you!

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2 Responses to Adventure of a Lifetime: Your 2 most important assets

  1. Katie says:

    I really enjoyed answering the questions – it gave me insight into myself. I am now going explore those energy fluctuations like you mentioned, will let you know how I go!! Thanks

    • Taryn Harris says:

      Enjoy the deep dive and self-discovery! Love your commitment to playing and experimenting and living your truth!

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