This week end I was part of the in Nia representatives doing demonstrations in the country at the Soulspace event. What a gorgeous setting and intimate 2 days of discovery and exploration!

What became apparent to me is how most people want to be in a happy state and enjoy life  – to access & attain sustainable joy.  (A goal shared by most humans since the dawn of time)

Most of us are guilty of the, “When I am thin/rich/have that car/etc etc etc ….I will be happy”. The thing is, “the sensation of joy” is available to you 24/7 – it is literally at your finger tips! And by practicing and accessing the “yumminess”, you will be able to bring it into your every day life and not just in a class – from washing the dishes to embracing someone you love. This increased awareness of feeling content and alive becomes a way of being.


Nia is about tapping into your “feel good” mojo. You body needs movement. You emotions need somewhere to express themselves. Your mind needs an hour of recharge. And your soul needs a daily dose of pleasure!

“Joy” is contagious! This was evident by the reaction of the crowd when we started dancing – either from the smiles on their faces (for an entire 45 minutes watching us), tapping their feet, swaying or not being able to help themselves but to join in! And once they joined, not stopping until the end of the demo due to the inner YAYness they had plugged into within themselves!


So my invitation to you is to come and experience Nia – that is the only way you are going to know if this kind of “YUMMY” is what you want to gift yourself with :-) If a class is not for you – then just start moving – start with your body xxx


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