I love the quote, “Move and the Way will Open”.

2017 felt like a massive upgrade personally and collectively. We were all called to expand. The growing pains and overwhelm led to so much self-knowing and deepening of wisdom. And true adulting. And so much humility & clarity of values. The choices made to keep choosing from Love & Compassion, despite the anger, resistance and fear that came up.

Understanding duality as Oneness and the full spectrum between as our wholeness in this holy mess of infinite perfection. Moving from self-identification and judgement to discernment and dignity.

We can resist and try fight to go back to “what was” or what we “think” we want or deserve or what “life should look like”.  Or we can dive deeply into WHAT IS and find a way to co-create with the opportunities and challenges we face that align with our true nature and dreams in a sustainable, healthy way.

Finding a new groove and establishing new perspectives, patterns and ways of being and relating to support ourselves and the “us” is part of how the system (a.k.a. infinite intelligence, Divine, Universe, Nature, God, however you relate to this)  evolves in response to what no longer works and what is required for evolution and HOME-ostasis for all.

And experimenting with innovative new ideas and applications can get messy – AND we are all winging it :-)

So, remember that everyone is just responding and making educated guesses (through their personal lenses of understanding and beliefs) about these shifts and changes – and although this collective wisdom and curiosity and desire to find solutions is valuable and our duty, a dose of humility around what we know and how much control we have is (in my opinion) crucial. To mine our collective wisdom and work and move WITH the system for real, pragmatic, inclusive outcomes.

And I’ve got the feeling that 2017 was just the first chapter in a new paradigm we are ushering in. I am going to do my best to embrace the change, up-level to BE part of it and remind myself to keep choosing from love and compassion for myself and the other  – as we move from “I” to “we”. .. instead of “us versus them”,  whilst still making choices that reflect my truth.

Happy 2018!
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