Hi! I’m Taryn Harris & I’m in the business of human innovation.

I move you into your power; and ideas, brands and organisations into their power through people.

I partner with you to convert kryptonite into superpowers.

What is my work?
An internationally accredited executive and life coach, body-mind educator, speaker, systems wizard and creator of the IN-BODY, WIRED2THRIVE and HARDWIRED4SUCCESS programmes.

Find out how you can innovate your life, people and business with me by getting in touch here!

How do I do it?

I simplify and unpack the science and psychology of how we are wired, motivated and how we learn successfully, so that the process is easier to understand and engage with.

I use a combination of science, integrative approaches, mindful techniques, somatic practices and coaching to support recognisable and sustainable change. I have also created the IN-BODY method, which shows you how to use your body to positively affect your emotions and re-wire your mind.

Alchemy Sessions: 1-on-1 Coaching: I become your thinking partner and equip you with the tools, practices and “thinking” that empowers you to break through your own boundaries into self-liberation – Yip! Sweet freedom and activating your own wisdom & stepping into your power! For more info on coaching, click here.

Hardwired4Success: I am a Human Asset Activator

I work with leaders and groups in the business, brand, transformation and human capital activation space.  Individuals & organisations who inspire action in themselves and others. Those who are willing to take an active part in shaping their experience and who are open to enjoying the journey.  I have a skill for growing and optimising people for improved confidence, productivity, motivation, adoption and resilience.

More about me
You can get my full bio here, or read about my organisational offerings or open offerings or contact me for more information.